Ossios tou Fkiorou

“Ossios tou Fkiorou” spontaneously emerged from an imperative need for assembly. The existing “ugliness” of the estrangement of individuals, from their core and their surroundings, is a basic reason for the formation of this group. Predetermined structures have been assimilated by the majority; everything seems inelegant and uneasy, however, there is no capacity for the slightest bit of doubt. We are shrouded with endless tiredness, as we ramble on about the transfiguration of our ego to matter and false dogmatisms. Life itself has been condensed like a tin can on a shelf of a supermarket. While, desires are left unexpressed at the back of fear of rejection and isolation. Time moves on as decades are cramped at the same issues, repeating the same absences. A general instability in matters of labour, a general exploitation at the field of the arts by “limp elephants” and a social nihilism towards the role of the artist.

Through these circumstances, we form this group to prioritise the internal needs of the individual. Our means for this objective is creation (and any form of creation) which we comprehend as a source of life, knowledge and interaction. With the broadening of our personal needs, the group will act as a driving force: for the understanding of sociopolitical issues, overcoming various barriers and gaining respect towards differentness and its day to day fluctuations.,