Anthi Pafiou is a multidisciplinary artist, born in 1985, Cyprus. She completed the BA program of Contemporary Dance,” University of Nicosia” (with scholarship). Also she graduated from “Athens School of Fine Arts” (MA). She has exhibited in galleries and alternative spaces in Spain, Greece and Cyprus. Also she has collaborated with artists of various fields, in experimental groups in Spain and Greece (based on political issues). The last years in her work, Anthi researches how art can be beneficial for the society through the value of remaining in “Present moment”. She has collaborated with artists and scientists of different fields, approaching the equal role of art and science in the specific research. The last two years in collaboration with Mathieu Devavry, created the Inner Space, aiming the social contribution of art / creation and their livelihood. The group deals with the creation of murals/wallpaintings (Nicosia skate park), the education based on the creation (French Cypriot school) associating arts (painting and dance), and the creation of performances.  Inner Space won the competition “Let’s graffiti Reumatism 2020”. Anthi participated in the “Young Artists Biennale/Milano 2015” with the performance piece “And Here we are” and she been chosen from International Expo to exhibited in Venice and Argentina(2016) and in Venice International Performance Week (2017). Additionally she co-found with Petros Konnaris (2018) the group Oshos tou Fkiourou and organized the All Night Long Festival.