Artistic Statement



My curiosity to discover ways to know myself and to be able to communicate my

thoughts and my perspective of society, made me realize that art as a simple depiction of

nature or personal experiences has a vital meaning for me as an expressive tool of

beauty, although it cannot generate conditions of consciousness in everyday life.

Researching ways in which art can be more valuable to the individual, as a being of

multiple functions like cognitive function, and to society- as a problematic environment,

I aim to approach the equal role of art and science in an artistic research, “Remaining in

the Present Moment”. The purpose of this research is to reconsider the temporal instance

of now through ephemeral conditions. Negotiating with the audience through an

experimental communication model, the goal is to co-create present-time moments. The

methodology used combines artistic tools and scientific ones through collaborations with

psychologists, physicists, performers, artists. In an additional series of paintings and

performances, like the project “Double F” I deal with political issues as well.