1rst Experiment – Present Moment & Memory


vlcsnap-2016-02-19-18h30m25s59 Photograph from the performance

I was always been interested in the function of memory, especially since it appears in my life in unexpected ways. How is it possible to do things that I did not plan? For example, is it possible that I go to the place where I am working, when I am supposed to be going to a friend of mine?

In the first experiment, the Present Moment & Memory Experiment, as I call it, that took place at the University of Nicosia (2013), I attempted to approach the concept of being in the condition of right now – i.e. “present tense”and observed how memory affected this process.

The experiment, started with the two performers facing each other in a standing position. They had few minutes without doing anything, just looking at each other. When they felt engaged in the process, a verbal dialogue started between them while they were moving free in the space. The whole process had specific rules and was based on improvisation. During the whole process, I was following the performers, reminding them the rules of the experiment. The two performers could decide when to end the experiment.

Through this process, a number of personal aspects appeared that gradually generated an atmosphere full of vigil that resulted in the fulfillment of the goal, which was to remain in the present tense.



Idea: Anthi Pafiou

Performers: Nana Georgiou, Styliana Charalambous

Guide: Anthi Pafiou

By Anthi Pafiou