2nd series of Experiments – Memory

Drawing – situation of reflex-reaction


The result of the 1rst Experiment revealed memory as a catalyst; classifying memory and its functions emerged as a necessary research framework for the realization of the research goal.After readings about memory function from the fields of neurology and psychology emerged the necessity to performed different kind of experiments.

The elaboration of the second series of experiments, Memory Experiments, as I call it, was quite difficult. This intricated topic, the exploration of memory’s categories, provided to the process a specific structure. Using body movements and verbal dialogue, I designed the following structure: 1) a specific verbal stimuli directed the five participants to a reflex reaction and 2) an overall documentation of the process, both of myself and the participants. With those parameters, I was capable to comprehend the function of memory: firstly, through the reflexes-as a result from the specific condition and secondly with the verbal explanation for the performer’s reaction. With this mode, a set of information from different parts of human perceptive (conscious rational explanation and subconscious reflex reaction) indicates the categories.

Considering my role as the creator of this experiment, I had to explain the specific protocols to each of the participants separately, thus provided them with an emotional state and provoked their immediate motion-reflections. Each time the protocol was updated according to the uniqueness of each person. During the process I documented all the reactions, through drawings of the transitions of the body shapes and kinaesthetic reactions. Bringing together all the findings, I formulated three categories in which memory classifies moments: sense based, movement-based, and instinctive changes in the functions of body organs (like palpitations) or parts as a result of an instinctive reaction to the stimuli.

The results of the above experiments relate to the result of the Present Moment and Memory Experiment manifested in the paradox changes of body shapes and verbal communication, with no sequence between them.


By Anthi Pafiou