3rd Experiment – Documenting Subconscious Moments in Memory



photograph from the performance at The  Performance Shop, Nicosia   2015

The D.S.M.M Experiment investigates ways to represent the creation of the subconscious moments in relation to the audience and the documentation of those moments in memory through a choreographic project. An important component of the experiment is the audience, which has an equal value to the performers. Furthermore, the audience has the choice to decide their level of involvement.

Collecting and associating the results from the two experiments (Present Moment & Memory and Memory Experiment), revealed the subconscious moments as the dominant element of my research. Τhis definition relates to the reaction of the Present Moment & Memory Experiment (1rst Experiment) which was a reflex reaction that caused the emergence of a number of human aspects (for example sexuality).

The aim is to foster an equal dialogue between audience and performers, developing the idea of co-creation in present time, feeling free to express their thoughts and feelings. The elements that are combined in the S.M.M Experiment (as well in Present Moment & Memory and D. M. C Experiments) are divides into physical and verbal categories, creating a “neutral condition” – the circumstances of communication and correlation to daily life, which are dialogues and walk.

Considering the subject of the research ,Present moment and Memory, scientifically  is included in the field of psychology.  The terminology that has been used is not the appropriate. With this artistic research I attempted to explore human aspects – the radical elements of human behaviors based on body movement and speech. The collaboration with fields of science is demanding.

The D.S.M.M Experiment performed at University of Nicosia, Cyprus (2014) and at The Performance shop also in Nicosia, Cyprus (2015).


Performers: Petros Konnaris, Anthi Pafiou